COVID-666 Update and US Election


The COVID-666 virus was engineered in a laboratory and unleashed on us by the PLANDEMIC PLANNERS who have used their media monopolies to successfully panic the population. They have suspended our human rights, imposed "social distancing" and manipulated their casino stockmarkets into decline with no bottom in sight. The virus appears to be no worse than the common cold or flu which people die from every year.

What's next? DO THE MATH. They are bankrupting businesses and corporations and causing massive job losses from shutdowns (restaurants, airlines, ships, casinos, stadiums, theaters, hotels, gyms, museums, etc.) which leads to foreclosures on homes for unpaid mortgages, eviction of renters for unpaid rent, personal bankruptcies, panic, hoarding, a run on the banks and rising crime.

The big question is this: Will your country also go bankrupt from government bailout policies for industry and the jobless? Is that part of the PLANDEMIC PLANNERS plan? To bankrupt the nations of the world and create one world economy as a solution?


Italy is in total lockdown. Their situation is no different from house arrest. To stay sane, house-imprisoned Italians are scheduling singing and banging pots on their balconies at 6 PM every night.

Denmark's parliament just unanimously passed emergency coronavirus MARTIAL LAW which gives health authorities powers to force testing, treatment and quarantine with the backing of the police.

America's State Of Emergency is the same as Martial Law. They are bringing in the national guard, closing borders and imposing curfews beginning in New Jersey. Like Italy, Americans may also find themselves imprisoned in their homes. The UK is telling people over 70 to stay home for the next 3 months.

We are told that the military are setting up virus testing sites but those sites are REALLY being set up for mandatory microchip vaccine injections that the world will agree to when they are exhausted, worn out, stressed and desperate enough to pay any price for a return to normalcy.

No vaccine = No bank account. The vaccine will replace plastic credit and debit cards. THE OBJECTIVE IS a digitized society where money is replaced by (+) or (-) digits on a computer screen.


There is plenty of evidence that Joe Biden will be elected President and choose Hillary Clinton as his VP. She has timed the release of her new documentary and new book for the occasion. Hillary will attract the black vote, women's vote and the Trump-haters vote.

Biden will drop out due to deteriorating dementia and Hillary will steal the 2020 Presidency. The first thing on her agenda will be gun control. She will keep Martial Law in effect to fight vaccine resistors, agitators and protesters.

This PLANDEMIC is all about global population control and one world government. People will have no ability to resist..unless they wake up NOW, recognize the PLANDEMIC for what it is, organize, demonstrate, resist and refuse the vaccine.

Don't wait until it's too late.


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