What else is there to do except pig out, drink yourself silly, watch porn, covid updates and masturbate? Read this article.


Remember how it felt to hug your family, hug your friends and invite them over for a barbecue party?
It feels like years ago. Remember what it felt like to have a job, a bank account and REAL money in your wallet? Gone are the days when you could share a beer with people at your local pub or a sporting event and cheer on your favourite men with balls (basketballs, footballs, baseballs, golf balls).

Only weeks ago, you could smile at people instead of sneering at them like lepers for standing too close to you in the grocery line while you pray that the toilet paper shelves aren’t empty again.

Remember when you could travel to exotic places, go camping, enjoy picnics at the beach, go to a movie, a concert and eat decadent desserts over coffee at your favourite cafe? All gone. They are now a thing of the past. Oh, well, things will get back to normal soon...but...when...exactly will things get back to NORMAL? First they said by Easter, then June or July or August. Some say Labour Day. The truth is - things won't even get back to semi-normal until we agree to get stabbed in the arm with a Bill Gates' covid-killing vaccine.


Look it up. "Coronaviruses" including covid-19 are strains of the COMMON COLD !!! The 1989 edition of the American Medical Association's Encyclopedia of Medicine clearly identifies ALL "Coronaviruses" as the common cold. The Pirbright Institute (UK) owns and patented their covid-19 strain(s) of the common cold virus.

On April 8, Dr. Scott Jensen confirmed on Fox News that all of the 'SCARE' STATISTICS splashed across TV screens about the number of infected and the number of dead are "bad math". They've cooked the books.

What are covid-19 symptoms??? Typically a sore throat, body aches, fever and cough - symptoms of the common cold. Over 95% of people experience minor symptoms or no symtoms at all...but thousands with weak immune systems and underlying medical conditions (especially the elderly) die every year from coronaviruses (common colds) when it progresses to pneumonia.

Everyone who is identified with a coronavirus (common cold) is lumped together in the common cold NUMBERS GAME. There are no reliable tests for the covid-19 strain of the common cold. The tests only confirm the presence of a coronavirus (common cold) which people around the world often get every year.

What about all the people who died in Italy? An Italian Minister made the mistake of reporting in Bloomberg news that; “More than 99% of Italy’s Corona virus deaths were people who suffered from previous medical conditions…finding that just three victims had no previous pathology….the average age of those who died from the virus in Italy is 79.5.”

Every year, 250,000-650,000 people die globally from flu pneumonia...yet it hasn't led to a global State Of Emergency, lockdowns and global economies in freefall.


WHEN WILL THINGS GET BACK TO NORMAL? To quote New York Mayor Andrew Cuomo: “I don’t think we get back to normal. We get to a new normal. We are never going to be the same.” Dr. Andrew Fauci agrees.

When the government declared a State of Emergency, they declared martial law - meaning a police state. The government now has the right to suspend all of your rights, seize your personal property, forcefully detain and arrest you without cause, freeze or close your bank accounts, shut down your travel, Wi-Fi and internet access and control the availability and price of your food and gas.

Hundreds of millions of people have been blindsided worldwide by fear and disinformation from the media monopolies - all owned by the 1% who also own the phamaceutical companies, the banks, the food chains and the politicians who they finance into power. The goal of these trillionaire crime families is one world government and one world economy. They are using strains of the coronavirus (common cold) as their weapon of choice and imposing medical martial law on the trusting public.

Under medical martial law, all of these basic human rights have been flushed down the shitter like sheets of hoarded toilet paper in 30 days flat.

1. No hugging or socializing with your own family members who live apart from you.
2. No hugging, partying or socializing with friends
3. No freedom of assembly (in violation of the first amendment).
4. No right to public protests and marches.
5. No guests at weddings.
6. No hugging, kissing, weeping or exchanging bodily fluids at funerals.
7. No pubs, restaurants or cafes
8. No casinos
9. No travel, camping trips, summer cottages, picnics at the beach.
10. No sporting events
11. No swimming pools, gyms, fitness centers
12. No concerts or music festivals
13. No children’s playgrounds, play centers or socializing
14. No schools
15. No jobs for millions
16. No courts or judges
17. Mandatory facemasks
18. Mandatory social distancing
19. Business owners facing bankruptcy without government handouts
20. Home owners facing foreclosures without government handouts
21. Renters facing eviction without government handouts
22. Unemployed facing homelessness without government handouts
23. Hundreds of millions under lockdown (like prisoners under house arrest).
24. Rapists and prisoners released onto the streets



25. Social distancing from pets.

The fear mongering mainstream media have reported several cases of animals testing positive for the covid-19 coronavirus (common cold). A Bronx Zoo tiger and a pomeranian dog in Hong Kong.

Hurry! Socializing with your pets is DANGEROUS! If your pet can catch the virus, your pet can spread it even if your pet has no symtoms. (asymptomatic). Yikes! Hurry and stay 6 feet away from those potentially infected cats, dogs, birds etc. before they kill you.




Hypochondria and germaphobia are the new covid-related epidemics. People are spooked and traumatized from endless TV clips of quarantined cruise ships, overwhelmed hospitals, armies of medical people in hazmat suits, animated illustrations of crawling bacteria, red dots splashed like blood across America's map to symbolize the infected.

Traumatized TV viewers with a headache, sneeze or sniffle are rushing to hospital emergency rooms convinced they are infected.



What is a psyop? A psyop is defined as a psychological operation (psychological warfare) using propaganda, threats, and other psychological techniques to mislead, intimidate, demoralize, or otherwise influence the thinking or behavior of an opponent (the trusting general public).

The trusting general public have been duped into believing they are doing the right thing by sacrificing their civil liberties and voluntarily imprisoning themselves in their own home.

Who's going to reject the mandatory lockdown and loss of civil liberties if it means killing Grandma of a deadly virus by defying it?



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