America's hypnosis-producing, truth-twisting media are pinning the blame on China for Covid-19 deaths, human suffering and economic decay...and provoking a possible military confrontation.


Reason Number One 

With US taxpayers money, the US government gave $3.7 million to China's Wuhan lab that conducted cruel coronavirus experiments on bats that were captured from the caves of Yunnan, China.

George Soros does not own the Wuhan Bio-Tech Lab that has been blamed for the spread of Covid-19 but Soros did INVEST IN IT. The lab is called WuXi PharmaTech Inc. and is located at 666 Gaoxin Road East Lake High-tech Development Zone Wuhan 430075, China. 666?

Reason Number Two

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) funded a study on Bat Coronavirus, which was a project that included scientists at the Wuhan Institute of Virology and the WuXi Chinese lab at the center of the controversy over their bat research. That study confirmed in 2018 that humans have died from the Bat coronavirus.

Here’s an excerpt from the April 4, 2018 NIAID website entry entitled “New Coronavirus Emerges From Bats in China, Devastates Young Swine”

Reason Number Three

Dr. Charles Lieber, a leading biological nanotech researcher and head of one of Harvard University's science programs was involved along with Chinese Grad Students in researching and developing bioweapons. After being prohibited from continuing the research here, they moved to China. This was not a Chinese Project. It was a US Project that got moved to China. 

Dr. Charles Lieber was arrested in January 2020 for misleading federal authorities about funds he allegedly received from Wuhan University of Technology (WUT) and his connections to a Chinese government-sponsored recruitment program says fact check.

Reason Number Four

The Lancet published the first clinical cases of the COVID-19 virus known to have originated at the US military bio-warfare lab at Fort Detrick. The Lancet is a reputable weekly peer-reviewed general medical journal.

Reason Number Five

The US sent a delegation of 300 athletes and officials to the 2019 Military World Games, officially known as the 7th CISM Military World Games and commonly known as Wuhan 2019. It was held from October 18–27, 2019 in Wuhan, Hubei, China...just prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 in China.

Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, voiced the suspicion that “the US Army" brought the epidemic to Wuhan.

Reason Number Six

WHO declared Covid-19 a pandemic based on only 150 cases. WHO then failed to initiate any clinical process to identify the specific pathogen.

The World Bank invited investors to put their money into "Pandemic Bonds" just in time to collect on the declared pandemic.  

Reason Number Seven

The US went to court accusing China of being liable for all of the economic damages caused by the declared pandemic. The amount being sought by the US is equal to the US-China Trade Deficit. 

America's dirty tricks formula: 1. Cause the problem (pandemic). 2. Blame it on China. 3. Force China to pay "reparations" for the damages. Presto! No debt.

When coronavirus genome variations in Iran and Italy were sequenced, it was learned that they do not belong to the same variety that infected Wuhan.

Chinese media are drawing a connection between the shutting down in August, 2019 of the “unsafe” military bioweapon lab at Fort Detrick, the US presence at the August 2019 Military World Games in China, and the Wuhan epidemic that followed.

The chessboard is changing at breakneck speed. Once Beijing identified coronavirus as a bio-weapon attack, the “people’s war” was launched with the full force of the state on a “whatever it takes” basis.

Reason Number Eight

CDC fear propagandist Dr. Anthony S. Fauci received 100 million in funding from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Gates also funded the Coronavirus patent holder - The Pirbright Institute in the UK.

The UK's new British 20 Pound Note was issued by the Government of Westminster, showing a photograph of the Queen and a holograph of a 5G tower. Right above the tower is the laboratory symbol for the corona virus.This is an in-your-face admission in plain sight. They are laughing at us.


Reason Number Nine

What would the Chinese gain from launching a pandemic?  They lost lives.  They lost trade.  They lost support from their own people.  What did "the US" gain?  An excuse to blame and back-charge China for a Trade Deficit.  Both the American People and the Chinese People are the victims of this carefully orchestrated biological, economic and psychological warfare scheme.


Reason Number Ten

Fallout from Covid-19 puts Beijing and Washington on a head-on train wreck collision course. Chinese President Xi’s is on the record for calling this a war.

Beijing openly regards the US as a threat, as stated a month ago by Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the Munich Security Conference during the peak of the fight against coronavirus. 

Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry directly quoted US CDC director Robert Redfield when he admitted that some deaths from coronavirus were discovered posthumously in the US. Zhao concluded that Covid-19 was already in the US before being identified in Wuhan.



China had nothing to gain from unleashing a bioweapon attack on the rest of the world.  They would be shooting their customers in the foot. 

The US and its British-Israeli allies have plenty to gain and so does WHO, the World Bank, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Bayer Inc., the CDC ( a private vaccine manufacturer) and George Soros.

There is no big mystery here. We know whodunnit and we know why. If American citizens allow their government to go to war over this, they deserve the consequences of their own ignorance and passivity.

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