Why do Canadians Hate THERESA TAM - Their Transgender Virus Expert?

In the US, a petition is being circulated to fire Dr. Anthony Fauci. In Canada, a petition is being circulated to fire Dr. Theresa Tam. These petitions are based on evidence of conflicts of interest, fearmongering and fake science practiced by Dr. Fauci and by Dr. Tam.


Theresa Tam, Canada's Chief Public Health Officer is hated by many Canadians for many reasons.

Some hate her/him because he's allegedly a man pretending to be a woman who's hard-on-the-eyes.

Some hate her/him because he/she is Chinese.

Some hate her/him because he/she is one of seven representatives on the WHO  Emergency Committee for the COVID-19 pandemic funded by Bill Gates. The WHO’s political corruption from Chinese influence happened on Tam's watch. Tam either approved of China’s meddling or was wilfully blind to it.

Some hate Tam because he/she has COST LIVES by being dead wrong on just about everything.




1. Tam, Canada and WHO's supposed “expert,” was wrong on travel bans – something Canada's Liberal government ended up imposing over a month later.

2. Tam was wrong for delaying early quarantines which meant that cases in China became cases in Canada. All of Canada’s cases started as imported cases from foreign travel.

3. Tam was wrong by failing to acknowledge asymptomatic transmission. It is now well-known that people can transmit the virus without feeling sick.

4. Tam expressed her/his philosophy that viruses are stopped at hospitals, not borders: “At the actual international border, I see it as a great opportunity to absolutely make someone aware of what to do if they’re sick AFTER entry.”

The countries that imposed the toughest early border controls like Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea, and Hong Kong managed to ‘bend the curve’ with amazing speed, and get things under control.

5. Tam let the virus into the hospitals as proposed causing it to spread throughout the community and then the country. It put health care workers at risk and raised the prospect of a system collapse.

6. Tam has a conflict of interest as a member of the WHO’s oversight committee— whose side is she on, Canada’s or China's WHO funded by Bill Gates?


In January 2020, Tam told Canadians there was "no reason to be overly concerned" about COVID-19.

On 23 January, Tam was a member of the WHO committee that broadcast that it was too early to declare a public health emergency of international concern.

On 26 January, Tam stated "There is no clear evidence that this virus is spread easily from person to person. The risk to Canadians remains low."[11] 

On 29 January, she told Canadians that "It's going to be rare, but we are expecting cases." The next day, the WHO declared a global health emergency.[12]

On 23 March 2020, Tam began appearing in public service announcements urging personal hygiene, social distancing, and against unnecessary travel. The announcements will last until at least the end of April 2020.

On 23 April, Tam was appointed by Justin Trudeau to a new advisory body, the COVID-19 Immunity Task Force, whose mandate he declared to be the coordination of serological surveys across the country.[14]


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