Besides Covid home haircuts, there is another frightening side effect to CV-19 - The Germaphobia Pandemic that is spreading faster than fake news.


Here are the symptoms of millions of sufferers;

  • avoiding places you believe are germ-filled - like hospitals
  • spending excessive time cleaning and decontaminating
  • obsessively washing your hands and even your real money
  • refusing to share your personal items
  • avoiding hand holding, hand shaking, hugging and physical contact with others
  • Hoarding hand sanitizer and spraying everything you touch
  • avoiding crowds and even friends

The cause? Traumatizing news stories.



"Contagion", a 2011 thriller, tells the same horrifying story that is being sold to us right now on all the news channels; A deadly Chinese virus originating from infected bats is sweeping the globe leaving millions of corpses in its wake.






Covid-19 is a SCAMdemic planned by psychopath Bill Gates and the Satanic evilocracy as an excuse to usher in an Orwellian new world order. Supported by WHO and other medical acronyms, their goal is to terrify the public into accepting a gene-altering vaccine/ID and a digital world currency system that will strip people of their life savings and liberty.




The CDC research scientist in the "Contagion" movie warns that it can take a year to distribute a vaccine after testing, clinical trials, manufacturing and distribution. Sound familiar? However, she speeds up the process by heroically inoculating herself with the final experimental vaccine making it possible to produce the vaccine for human use in just a few months.

Will billionaire Bill Gates speed up the Covid-19 vaccine by inoculating himself with the final experimental vaccine like the heroine in 'Contagion'? Not a chance! Why? Because he knows what's in it.

Happy endings are not found in vaccines for Covid-19 or Covid-20 or Covid-30 etc. They are found through immunizing ourselves against the weapon of fear that governments have used throughout history to control populations.



The zillionaire owners of six giant media corporations control 90% of everything you watch, read or listen to including the daily fear mongering news coverage of Covid-19 infections and deaths. These media giants are terrorizing the public 24/7 with dramatic images of infected patients crowded into long hospital corridors, overwhelmed doctors and nurses in hazmat suits, announcers repeating words like "deadly and killer virus".

TV screens are splashed with daily death toll and infection statistics as announcers warn people to cover their faces with masks, to hand sanitize, to social distance and isolate. The non-stop coverage is turning the traumatized public into germaphobes and hypochondriacs. After a simple cough or sneeze, people ask themselves, "OMG! Do I have Covid?"

There is a reason why Time Warner Cable’s logo is the hypnotic eye.


Television programming is just that - programming. It programs your thoughts, beliefs and perceptions without your knowledge using 'subliminals' . When you first start watching TV, you are in a normal ‘beta brainwave state'. After a few minutes, you go into a trance-like hypnotic state known as an ‘alpha brainwave state’ which makes you more susceptible to the programmed messages that are embedded in television programs and commercials.

What 'scare' messages are they delivering? "This virus can kill you and your family". "Be scared for your life". "Stay away from people including people without symtoms". "Stay home and give up your freedom". "Stop using disease-carrying money".

Television is a hypnotizing, indoctrinating mind control medium. It gives media owners the power to influence your thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and actions. What can you do about it?


1. UNDERSTAND ENERGY: Nikola Tesla said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

Fearful thoughts and emotions are energy. The vibrations of fearful thoughts and emotions ripple through the universe in all directions, like a stone tossed in the middle of a lake. Fear generates and attracts frequencies that weaken our immune system and poison our state of mind.  Loving thoughts and emotions do the opposite.


Our thoughts and expectations have a “magnetic pull”. They attract events into our life that match our thinking. Like television, the movie industry is a hypnotizing medium that influences our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions and actions.

Viewers who watched the 2011 movie 'Contagion' experienced fearful thoughts, emotions and even expectations of a possible future pandemic. The frequency of the implanted fear attracts the manifestation of a future pandemic. It's called 'predictive programming.'

Instead of watching Covid-19 updates on govern-ment controlled news channels, focus on this video. Feel the energy ripple through your body and out into the Universe in all directions.




2. UNDERSTAND GOVERNMENT: What does the word 'Government' mean? 'Govern' is defined as; "to exercise continuous sovereign authority over" (Merriam-Webster). 'Ment' is derived from the latin word 'mente' meaning 'mind'. The word Govern-ment means sovereign authority over mind or 'mind control'.

The leaders who govern understand the power of thought and the mindset of the people they govern. They have their own understanding of what  E = mc² means.  E (electorate) = m (mind) + c (control) x 2. From childhood onwards, people are taught what to think, how to think, what to do, what to expect, what not to expect, what to dream for, what to avoid, how to be good children, good patriots and good law-abiding citizens.

Throughout history, governments have used FEAR as a weapon to control populations. They give us plenty to be fearful of: terrorism, biowarfare, an economic crash. The Hegelian formula is one of their favorite population control tools. 1) manufacture a crisis (like a pandemic). 2) Generate a reaction (fear) 3) Offer a pre-arranged solution (a microchip vaccine). The frightened masses who are trapped in a frequency of fear, obediently accept the solution to feel safe.

Fear is big business. Think of how much fear has been packaged and delivered to us over the past few decades. The engineered depression in the 1930’s, Pearl Harbor, the Korean War, the Vietnam War,  the Cold War, the war on drugs, September 11th, the global war on (of) terror and now a global plandemic. All of these crises are manipulated, controlled and amplified to produce a frequency of fear which locks the public in a perceptual prison and separates them from knowing the deeper levels of  themselves.

3. IMMUNIZE YOURSELF: You can unplug the power wielded over you by power-crazed leaders by disarming them of their weapon of fear. How?

Think of reality as different frequencies on a radio dial. Remember, it's your thoughts that determine the frequency you tune into and the reality that is reflected back to you. Right now, you are tuning in to the pandemic story and the frequency of fear. Did you choose that fear-based reality or was it marketed to you by govern-ment and their media arm?

Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." Einstein understood the power of imagination and it's ability to attract future events. Nothing has ever existed that wasn't imagined first.

Right now, the news arm of government is doing our imagining for us. They are shaping our future with fearful images and predictions of a Covid-19 second wave, a great depression, food shortages and a new normal. We are tuned in to that fear frequency and it's time to tune out. It's time to reclaim our imaginations that have been captured and raped by the news media. It's time to free our collective imaginations and attract the future we want, not the Orwellian future the government is engineering for us.



If you decide to watch CNN, MSNBC or other television news shows, never take them seriously. Watch them as comedies with bad actors.


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