They’re coming for your money – every penny!

iFumbling in your wallet for the right change is becoming as antiquated as renting a VHS video. With over half the world on smartphones, consumers are abandoning cash wallets for mobile virtual wallets...and that's exactly what your government and the banks want. Why? Because a system of digital-currency gives them complete control over your wealth and over you.




Like magicians, the banksters are making your money disappear. In case you've been sleep walking, you may not have noticed that all paper currency is gradually being phased out beginning with $100 notes and above (or foreign equivalent), next the $50's and $20's, leaving only smaller bills until those are discontinued, too, along with coins.

The World Health Organization has villainized cash as a carrier of killer viruses. Stores and other services are now commonly refusing cash and forcing you to make electronic purchases through debit or credit cards. The banks are already shutting down ATMs and branches in an attempt to ‘coax’ users towards online banking and digital services. Without cash, how will depositors protect their money? They won’t.



1. TYRANNY. All of our digital currency transactions will be registered and monitored, leaving a surveillance trail linked to every single citizen.

In a digital currency world, corporations, banks and governments have the power to charge excessive fees and operating costs. They have the power to block your means of payment and to freeze, empty or cancel your virtual wallet.

Once your REAL life savings become virtual, you are 100% dependent on banks for your livelihood. You can no longer function without them because your money is gone. Banned. There's nothing to withdraw and no alternative means of survival!


2. END OF PRIVACY. By granting the banksters complete control over a digital financial system, you are giving up control over your privacy since every electronic interaction ends up tracked and logged in their databases for analysis. Corporations can monitor your payment data and manipulate you with ever-increasing levels of subtlety. They know what, when and where you spend.

If you trust the corporations handling your data, you may say, "I've got nothing to hide", but your payment and personal information could turn up in unpredictable places. With cash, you can spend and receive money anonymously and you can survive independently of the banks.

3. CENSORSHIP. Having access to your payments data opens up potential for economic censorship. The government can disrupt a human rights protest via phone apps which gives them your location data and identity data. They can order a STOP on processing your payments and shut down your internet access.

4. IDENTITY THEFT. In a cashless world, the problem of security breaches could multiply with an increase in people's dependence on their digital identity. Identity theft has become more sophisticated and invasive than ever before. Why? Because financial privacy is compromised in a cash-free system.

5. ABUSE. Hackers are the bank robbers and muggers of the electronic world. The hacker may even be your own financial institution! In a cashless society, the consequences from cyber-attacks are extreme. If a hacker drains your account, you have no alternative money source. Even if you’re protected under federal law, you will suffer severe consequences after the breach.

In a cashless world, if digital credit companies like Visa or Mastercard choose to double or triple their commissions, you have no choice but to pay. Once all of your REAL money is in the digital banking system, get ready for it to be taken from you to fund a bank bail-in. Get ready to pay negative interest rates instead of receiving positive interest rates. Infrastructure breakdowns and technology problems like glitches, outages, and errors can leave you with no access to your virtual money and no emergency cash as back-up. Merchants can't accept payments from you when systems malfunction. Something as simple as a dead phone battery could leave you “penniless.”

6. ISOLATION. Killing cash kills social contact since there are fewer reasons to interact with neighbors, shopkeepers and acquaintances on a daily basis.

7. EXCLUSION. Many of the poor, destitute and under-privileged who are without a smartphone or a bank account will be helplessly unable to pay for food or rent. They will be further marginalized from the cash infrastructure that once supported them.

8. ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE.  Behind every electronic transaction is a domino-effect of computer transactions causing an immense strain on energy consumption. According to The Global E-Waste Monitor, we are now producing 44.7 million metric tonnes annually of laptops, computers, mobile phones, and various other gadgetry. Computers, mobile phone networks, and data and server centers are partly responsible for the destruction of over 600 square miles of forest in the US alone, due to electricity consumption.

study by Yale University concluded: “Many of the metals needed to feed the surging global demand for high-tech products, from smart phones to solar panels, cannot be replaced, leaving some markets vulnerable if (and when) resources become scarce”.

9. CANCER AND 5G. All wireless devices use frequencies to transmit information. WiFi routers occupy a range of bands from 900 MHz to 60 GHz. The higher the frequency, the faster the transmission. 5G waves do not travel well through buildings.They require hundreds of thousands of new cell towers. The rapid proliferation of sources of electromagnetic radiation—cell towers, cell phones, cordless phones, WiFi, smart meters etc. —takes a heavy toll on our health. Thousands of scientific studies document the adverse bioeffects of microwave radiation which include cancer, DNA damage, cardiovascular problems, increased stress hormones, sleeping disorders, depression, headaches, irritability and impaired fertility. https://ehtrust.org/science/top-experimental-epidemiological-studies/.



We have been slowly nudged, coaxed and manipulated into turning over our life savings to the banksters in exchange for nothing but zeroes. The more 'virtual' zeroes you have in your virtual wallet, the more virtually rich you think you are.

Imagine no more bank machines. No more money in your wallet. No more deposits or withdrawals. Just digits on a computer screen that you will eventually access by lining up for your digital ID injection.

Zeroes can be added or subtracted from your virtual wallet by 'AI central control' depending on your usefulness or resistance to the new world order.



To engineer your consent for robbing you of your life savings, financial institutions are selling you the convenience, simplicity and trendiness of a new payments app or a contactless card to justify their gradual ban on our cash infrastructure.

Here are two strategies they are now using to win your consent:

1) Making cash inconvenient by closing ATMs and bank branches and removing larger bills from circulation.

2) Vigorously promoting the digital alternative. Watch this Visa “cashfree and proud” campaign ad.




The war on cash is succeeding. Through the power of repetitive suggestion, mobile phone users are hypnotized and tricked into believing that their phones are their wallet and that the digital alternative to the money system is what they WANT and CHOOSE. Advertisers teach them that cash is an outdated, disease-carrying social evil compared to a romanticized vision of easy digital payments. The truth is - we are being conned and robbed of our money and freedom.

It is a common misconception that digital wallets are safer than carrying cash. According to the Financial Times, there was a three-fold increase in mobile malware in the last year, as hackers targeted mobile-banking applications and payment apps.


President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed his infamous Executive Order 6102 on April 5, 1933 making gold ownership illegal. Citizens were forced to take their coins, bars or gold certificates to a bank and exchange them for dollars. The president then raised the official gold price to $35 per ounce, cutting 40% off the dollar to stoke inflation. Chairman Mao confiscated gold and banned gold ownership in China. In Stalin’s Russia, owning gold coins or bars would result in jail or worse. Sweden and India are now taking steps to ban cash.


If the public stops using cash, the government and the banks will use 'consumer demand' as an excuse to go vitrual. When people see the dark side of digital payments – with the surveillance, loss of privacy and freedom, massive increase in cybercrime and the potential for exclusion and abuse – will they resist? If they resist, will banks and governments crash the money system and force it's replacement with a cashless system of population control? 

If the banksters get their way, owning cash and gold will become illegal, but we’re not quite there... yet.

TAKE ACTION! The death of cash = the death of freedom. Use cash and stay free. Share this article: helpfreetheearth.com/News_1600/news1655_money.html



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