Proof: Trump Is Bill Gates' Lap Dog


Gates has boasted that he advised President Trump to halt all investigations into the potential dangers of vaccines.  In this disturbing new video, the billionaire philanthropist mocks Trump as an imbecile and admits that Gates Foundation staff lobbied Trump against his vaccine safety research project.


Trump is an actor, an entertainer who says and does just enough to keep his base happy and under control...but never enough to stop the scamdemic planners from proceding with their new world order agenda. That agenda is to mandatorily vaccinate, ID and track the global citizenry, create a digital world currency and implement a eugenics program to rid the world of millions of "useless eaters".

This video shows Donald trump standing side by side with Dr. Evil who funded coronavirus bat experiments in Wuhan China with funding from Gates.

Are we to believe Trump knows NOTHING about Gates crimes against humanity? Fauci's Wuhan connection? What the scamdemic planners are up to? Duh!!!!!!!!

This video makes it clear that Donald Trump is on board with the NWO agenda and that he's nobody's savior, so stop holding your breath.




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