Black Rage, White Cops and Trump Tweets


George Floyd, a black man, was suspected of passing a counterfeit bill. He was handcuffed and pinned down on the road for 8 minutes with a white police officer's knee pressed down on his neck. Floyd pleaded "I can't breathe" for 3 minutes, then died of suffocation.

Eric Garner, a black man, was selling cigarettes illegally. He was jumped by several officers who wrestled him to the ground and placed him in a choke hold. Like George Floyd, Eric pleaded, "I can't breathe" for several minutes, then died of suffocation.

BREAKING NEWS: Derek Chauvin, the cop who killed George Floyd, has been charged with manslaughter BUT protesters are not satisfied since a manslaughter charge can result in probation or a light jail term. Protesters demand a murder charge against Derek Chauvin and the arrest of the other accompanying officers as accomplices who stood by and watched the slow torture and murder of George Floyd.

President Trump isn't winning any black votes. After protesters in Minneapolis torched a police station, Trump called them "thugs" and vowed that "when the looting starts, the shooting starts."

The tweet was quickly flagged by Twitter as "glorifying violence." Trump has escalated his war on social media companies, signing an executive order on Thursday challenging the liability protections in US law that serve as a bedrock for unfettered speech on the internet. This could backfire and cause more censorship by Twitter to protect against being sued.






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