George Floyd is NOT dead. Blacks Have Been Duped.



PROOF #1 George Floyd And White Cop Derek Chauvin Knew Each Other

Maya Santamaria, the former owner of El Nuevo Rodeo nightclub, confirms that George Floyd and Derek Chauvin who allegedly killed Floyd, knew each other. Both worked together as security personnel at her nightclub which she sold 3 months ago. The Club was located down the street from the Minneapolis' third precinct. Maya Santamaria also confirmed that Floyd worked as an extra security guard (bouncer) on Tuesdays when the club held popular "urban" music nights. Derek Chauvin worked there as an off-duty police officer (bouncer) for the club for almost 17 years. Yes. Floyd and Chauvin knew each other!

PROOF #2 George Floyd Was A Career Criminal

Floyd made his living not only as a part-time nightclub bouncer but by passing counterfeit money and making porn movies. He was arrested after a 911 call from a corner store reporting that he tried to pay for cigarettes with counterfeit money. Fans of the porn website, TheHabibShow, recognized Floyd as a porn sex actor using the moniker 'Floyd the landlord’. Floyd was not hard up for cash. He was arrested in his blue Mercedes.


PROOF #3 George Floyd Is Not Dead

The killing of George Floyd by Derek Chauvin who knew him and had worked with him was clearly staged. In the video footage of the alleged killing, Chauvin is so relaxed, his hand is in his pocket.

Chauvin's knee is pressed against the SIDE of Floyd's neck below his ear, not against his LARYNX and airways! Do people need an anatomy lesson? Floyd DID NOT DIE from a knee at the side of his head.

If Floyd really couldn't breathe, he wouldn't have been able to clearly say, "I can't breathe".

Chauvin knew that onlookers were videotaping him. Why would he continue 'the knee press' for almost 9 minutes on a man he knew and had worked with - unless they both faked the death scene for cameras.


There is no news about where Floyd's presumed dead body was taken after leaving the scene of the alleged killing and there is no confirmation that Floyd's family even identified his body.

The preliminary results of the county’s autopsy suggests that Floyd died from a combination of heart disease and "potential intoxicants in his system" that were exacerbated by the restraint placed on him by police. Floyd's family dismissed the report, saying that the underlying health conditions cited by the official report are completely FALSE. Their attorney, Ben Crump, said: "The family does not trust anything coming from the Minneapolis Police Department. How can they?"

What's perfectly clear is that black Floyd and white Chauvin were two low life losers, not the hero and villain that CNN and other fake news portrays them as. Both men were capable of conspiring with the "agenda makers" and faking the whole scene for the right $$$$$$$$$. Who paid them and why? Watch the video below.

PROOF # 4 Derek Chauvin Has A Body Double






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