There is a wealth of evidence that George Floyd's death was staged and sponsored by a cabal of white billionaires that include George Soros, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet whose ACME BRICK COMPANY provided brick pallets as weapons of destruction for rioters in major cities across the USA.

The agenda (2021 and 2030) of this RULING cabal is population control, a new world order and one world government through their United Nations platform. Their formula is to "divide and conquer" and "order out of chaos". But first - the division and chaos. The rioting, destruction and violence that America has experienced so far is tame compared to what's coming next.


The family of George Floyd and their legal team have asked the United Nations to intervene in the case of Floyd’s death while in police custody. They submitted an Urgent Appeal to the UN to support their call for full justice by charging Derek Chauvin and the three other officers with first-degree murder.

The Floyd family's request for support from the UN is like the Red Cross asking Dracula to donate to the blood bank. Not a chance! Why? Because the die has been cast.


On Monday, June 8th, Derek Chauvin appeared in court and his bail was set at $1.25 million without conditions. The $1.25 million is nothing but pocket change for the white billionaires who sponsored the staged killing that provoked race riots and division.

There's only one reason why Chauvin was granted bail without conditions. There's a plan to help him jump bail.

He has been moved to a department of corrections facility in Oak Park Heights and is scheduled to appear in court again on June 29th.

Any guesses what happens when the crowds learn that bail was posted for Chauvin and that he jumped bail and won't stand trial for the murder of George Floyd?

Any guesses what blacks will do without justice for Floyd's death?


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