Why You Should Refuse To Be Nasally Raped


Why does the painful COVID-19 test use a swab like a plumber's snake, twisting and jamming it so far back and deep into your nasal passage, you feel like a RAPE VICTIM? It's being done to millions in drive-throughs and in dental offices but none of the victims are asking the right questions.



In a July 7 Facebook post, David D. Smith was brave and insightful enough to ask - why don't COVID-19 tests simply swab the mouth??? Since the virus is spread in microscopic saliva particles, why aren't they using cheek swabs??? Cheek swabs are commonly used for other tests, like DNA tests.

“If this COVID-19 is so CONTAGIOUS that tiny microscopic particles of Saliva in your MOUTH could spread out in excess of 6 feet and you need to wear a mask to stop the spread - then WHY not Swab the inside cheek of your HIGHLY CONTAGIOUS MOUTH?”!!!!

A July 6 post claims that the area sampled during a COVID-19 nasal swab is the blood-brain barrier. It says,"The blood brain barrier is exactly where the swab test has to be placed. Coincidence??? I don't think so. If the blood-brain barrier is compromised by a contaminated test, a condition called "leaky blood-brain barrier," or inflamed brain, the results lead to bacterial infection, toxin exposure, a whole host of syndromes and diseases that can ultimately cause death. 

Smith speculated that maybe the test is not really about retrieving a virus sample. "What if these nasal COVID-19 tests could actually be “implanting something.” Hmmmmmmm.


Have you noticed how your human rights are being eroded into complete submisson to medical martial law? What are the consequences if you refuse to be tested and tracked?

The law states that no person who is suspected of being infected with the COVID-19 Virus and/or who has been in contact with someone who may be a carrier of the COVID-19 virus can refuse the orders of an enforcement officer. Whether you have symptoms or not, you must:

  1. Submit to a medical examination where bodily samples may be drawn from you by a registered doctor or nurse - even without your consent.
  2. Be confined to a health establishment, quarantine or isolation site even without your consent or
  3. Submit to mandatory treatment even without your consent.hether you want it or not.

Even if you have no symptoms, you may be suspected and ordered to submit yourself for a medical examination.

What if you simply refuse to be tested? Tthe enforcement officer can forcibly place you in mandatory isolation or quarantine for a period of 48 hours, pending a warrant being issued by a Magistrate authorising the state to conduct mandatory medical examinations on you and if necessary, treatment. You could also be held at a State isolation or quarantine site.

Furthermore, you will have acted illegally by refusing to submit to a medical examination. You may be criminally prosecuted and if found guilty, you may be sentenced to jail for a period of not more than 6 months and/or a payment of a fine.

Fines of up to $6000 are being imposed for refusal to wear health compromising face-masks and toxic hand sanitizer that your skin (your largest body organ) is absorbing into your body.

Everything from face masks, hand sanitizers, social distancing, TV fear propaganda, loss of work/wages, confinement, loss of entertainment options, loss of human rights, are all contributing to drug and alcohol abuse, depression, isolation, loneliness, anxiety, weakened immune systems and the failing health of the population and the economy.


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