Grizzlyne Maxwell's pedo list


Researchers claim that Epstein and Maxwell were Mossad agents working for the Israeli government. Their job was to entice influential people - politicians, lawyers, judges, royals, princes and the Hollywood elite - into a pedo ring and collect blackmail dirt on them for Israeli lobbyists.

Maxwell served as a female pimp who lured attractive, naive, underage girls and runaways into her trap with false promises of movie roles, wealth and fame. She groomed the girls to serve as sex slaves for Epstein, for herself and for their lucrative pedo ring business on behalf of the Israeli government.

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Here is a list of accused pedo ring members identified by victim statements, Q- Anon, photos, court documents and testimonials. Many of those identified are known to have flown in Epstein's "Lolita" orgy plane and visited Epstein's Pedo Island. Vaccine murderer Bill Gates is known to have visited Epstein's pedo island on three occasions.

Ghislaine Maxwell has been on the run since Epstein's fake prison suicide. Fearing for her life, it is believed that she sought arrest for her own protection. Grizzlyne, 58, is WANTED DEAD not alive by the rich and powerful listed on the left before she tells all. She was arrested on Thursday in New Hampshire and faces six counts relating to charges of enticing and trafficking minors for sex.


According to court documents, the underage girls who were raped by Jeffrey Epstein described his penis as egg-shaped.

Descriptions of the private body parts of British and Hollywood royalty will serve as evidence in the upcoming court drama. Egg-shaped. Pencil-shaped. Fat and teeny. Freckled and bent.


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