The only thing Jewish about Jeffrey Epstein is his surname. His 'orgy island' getaway in the Caribbean and his New York mansion were bugged with microphones and cameras that recorded the rape and torture of underage girls by his guests. He  stored much of these incriminating recordings in a safe on his private island.

Epstein is only the latest incarnation of a much older, deeper and sophisticated government-by-blackmail operation that ties the U.S. government to an organized crime syndicate. The group is called “the Mega Group” and it is tied to child sex trafficking. The Mega Group's tangled web of unsavory alliances casts a toxic shadow over the political history of the U.S.


Jeffrey Epstein, was a member of “the Mega Group” a secretive alliance of fake Jews. As owners of media monopolies, their group profile is falsely painted as “a loosely organized club of 20 of the nation’s wealthiest and most influential Jewish businessmen" focused on “(recycled) philanthropy and (fake) Jewishness.” One of the newest club members is movie director, Stephen Spielberg. Membership dues are upwards of $30,000 a year. Several of its most prominent members are tied to the mob and organized crime dating back to the notorious American fake Jew and mobster Meyer Lansky who made his fortune from drug smuggling, pornography, prostitution, extortion and tax evasion. larouchepub.com/other/2001/2844mega_bios.html.

For decades Epstein’s main financial patron was fake Jew Leslie Wexner ('Victoria's Secret' owner), who co-founded the Mega Group with Charles Bronfman, another fake Jew. Maria Farmer who was the first person to report Epstein to the FBI and NYPD, gave a bombshell interview accusing Wexner of being "the head of the snake" behind Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell's child sex trafficking blackmail operation.

To extract political favors, members of the Mega Group make sizeable political contributions (bribes). The group is linked to Israel’s Mossad through two key businessmen — Robert Maxwell (Ghislaine Maxwell's father) and Marc Rich, both fake Jews. Marc Rich was pardoned by Bill Clinton on 65 criminal counts, including income tax evasion, wire fraud, racketeering, and trading with Iran during the oil embargo.


Born Jan Ludvick Hoch, Robert Maxwell began his life of crime with the collapse of the Soviet Union. Joining KGB and Eastern Bloc intelligence sharks, Maxwell devoured the assets of state resources. By laundering money through Bulgaria and Western banks, he grabbed a 15 to 20 percent cut and started an organized crime network of hardened criminals that dealt in illegal arms, prostitution, drugs and even contract killings.

Maxwell grew Bulgaria's Neva network into one of the most powerful crime syndicates in the world, embracing the Russian mafia and the crime families of Bulgaria, New York, Hong Kong and Japan. Maxwell's companies came under one name—MULTI-GROUP—which controlled a large percentage of global profits from gas, telecommunications, oil, gambling, and money laundering. He plundered Western technology (Promis spyware) through secret agents, then produced the same technology in Eastern Bloc nations and sold it to the Eastern markets.



While traveling the world, Maxwell peddled "Promis" spyware capable of tracking people and data and monitoring intelligence operations, agents and targets. He sold the software to the Los Alamos Laboratories which made Israel’s Mossad privy to the innermost secrets of American atomic energy programs.

The intelligence agencies of dozens of nations including Australia, China, Canada and Russia bought the "Promis" software worth over $500 million from Maxwell - unaware that they were being monitored by Mossad through the software's undetectable  trap door that was installed into the software. It provided the Mossad with invaluable intelligence on the operations of its enemies and allies. Promis was the forerunner to the “Prism” software used today by spy agencies.



Maxwell gave the Mossad a way to gather not just troves of counterintelligence data, but also blackmail on other intelligence agencies and powerful figures. According to journalist Robert Fisk, Maxwell was also involved in the Mossad abduction of Israeli nuclear weapons whistleblower Vanunu Mordechai who served an 18-year prison sentence and 12 years in solitary confinement.

As he built his business empire — and even served as a member of the British Parliament, Maxwell invested in Israeli companies that became fronts for the Mossad. In addition, he became a media mogul and developed a bitter rivalry with fake-Jew Rupert Murdoch (FOX news).

The Mossad rewarded Maxwell during his visits to Israel by providing him with prostitutes, but it was a reward “maintained for blackmail purposes.” The hotel where Maxwell stayed in Israel was bugged with cameras, allowing the Mossad to acquire “a small library of sexually incriminating video footage.” Like the CIA, the Mossad’s use of blackmail against both friend and foe is well-documented and known to be extensive.



In May 1989, Maxwell hosted a party on his yacht, the Lady Ghislaine — named after his youngest daughter who would become Jeffrey Epstein’s “girlfriend pimp.” With the exception of mobster-lawyer Roy Cohn’s protege Donald Trump, all attendees at the yacht party were fake Jews and included journalist Mike Wallace (Wallik), Cohn’s friend Barbara Walters, Time Warner CEO Steve Ross who built his business empire largely through his association with New York crime lords Manny Kimmel and Abner “Longy” Zwillman. Zwillman was a close friend of Meyer Lansky and Sam Bronfman. Jon Lehman and Thomas Pickering, U.S. ambassador to Israel, were also present at Maxwell’s yacht party. Both were former Kissinger staffers. Senator John Tower (R-TX) came aboard. He allegedly conspired with Maxwell in the Mossad-bugged Promis software at the Los Alamos laboratories. Tower died just months before Maxwell in a suspicious plane crash.

Most notably, Robert Maxwell's daughter Ghislaine was on board circulating with the worst of them.



Robert Maxwell was a fat, powerful, filthy rich, loud-mouthed, bombastic bully. His reputation followed him everywhere as a demanding, self-indulgent patriarch who dined with kings and presidents and fed his bottomless appetite for sex, food, money and fame. Before his death, he was as big or big-ger than his rival, Rupert Murdoch.

To finance covert operations in Europe, the Mossad stole from Maxwell’s newspaper pension fund. Maxwell was blamed for it by the media who reported that he had looted millions from the Mirror Group pension fund, wiped out shareholders and condemned pensioners to a life of poverty (like fake Jew Bernie Madoff). People called Maxwell a ‘rogue,’ ‘crook,’ ‘bully,’ ‘thief,’ ‘megalomaniac,’ ‘gangster.’ They told lurid tales of his sex orgies and painted a portrait of him as "an erratic and cruel tyrant, one who used Turkish towels for toilet paper.”


Publicly disgraced and facing bankruptcy, Maxwell threatened his Mossad handlers with public disclosure if they didn't bail him out. Instead, his handlers decided he had outlived his usefulness and ordered his assassination.

On Nov. 5, 1991, Maxwell's life ended on the deck of his Lady Ghislaine yacht as it cruised off Gran Canaria Island. An Israeli assassin slipped on board and injected a lethal nerve agent into Maxwell’s neck behind his right ear, then threw him overboard.


Ghislaine was the favorite and youngest daughter of Robert Maxwell. She was born on Christmas day and he called her his miracle baby. She worshipped him like a god and their closeness appeared almost incestuous. "She was always there, clinging to him and calling him 'My Daddy',” said observers. After her father's death, Ghislaine told a friend, “They took everything—everything—even the cutlery." The friend recalls, "she was broke, the family was broke. This girl was brought up in luxury, and—bang—everything was taken from them, and she came to the United States to begin again.”


Ghislaine began again using what she had learned from her father. How to screw people.

After her father’s alleged murder on the yacht that bears her name, she quickly packed her bags and moved to New York City. There, she soon made the acquaintance of Jeffrey Epstein and, a few years later, developed close ties to the Clinton family. She met Jeffrey Epstein and joined his “inner circle”. He had deep connections to Israeli military intelligence, associates of the Trump administration and the Mega Group.

The media describes Ghislaine Maxwell as a British “socialite”  and as Epstein’s long-time “on and off” girlfriend. Epstein’s victims, as well as former wives of Epstein’s friends, have claimed that she was Epstein’s “pimp” and procured underage girls for his sexual blackmail operation.


Ghislaine Maxwell is also alleged to have engaged in the rape of the girls she procured for Epstein and used them to produce child pornography. “Ghislaine helped Jeffrey become who he became,” said one of the victims. “He had the money, but he didn’t know what to do with it. She showed him.”

Dozens of women who were involved with Epstein in the 1990s and early 2000s have come forward saying that it was Ghislaine Maxwell who started chatting them up, offering them good-paying jobs; possibly paying for their schooling. According to the indictment, Maxwell would spend time with the girls by taking them shopping or to the movies. Then after the girls felt safe she would bring them to one of Epstein’s mansions and show them how Epstein liked to be massaged. That’s where it turned sexual. The indictment says some of the girls were as young as 14.

The Epstein-Maxwell blackmail operation was just one of America's many child sex trafficking rings.

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