Things That Make you say "WTF?"



Is this a coincidence?

STEPIEN, the name of Donald Trumps new campaign manager, is an anagram of EPSTEIN's name.

The names have exactly the same number of letters. All 7 letters are identical and re-arranged.


Is this a coincidence?

This 1950s tv show clip shows a man named Trump standing before a crowd and telling them about his plan to build a wall.


How about this?

Forty years ago, a bestselling thriller author, Dean Koontz, wrote a novel called "The Eyes of Darkness" about a virus named Wuhan-400.

In the novel, a virus is created as a weapon in a Chinese military lab as part of its biological weapons programme. The lab is located in Wuhan.

Today, the Chinese city Wuhan is the epicenter of the Covid- 19 virus.


And this...

Written nearly 70 years ago, Orwell’s book "1984" focuses on the conditions that plague us today: censorship, propaganda, surveillance, erosion of our human rights and oppressive government control (using a pandemic as their excuse).

Much of what the British author imagined has come true, including facial recognition, speech to text conversion, music made by artificial intelligence, and, of course, the concept of ‘Big Brother’ watching your every move.


Another coincidence?

Here it is - in your face! Today's coronavirus PLANdemic predicted, pre-planned and shown at the 2012 Olympic ceremony with the Queen present and watching.

Today's Covid-19 is more than a lab-engineered virus. It is a MIND VIRUS.


And another...

The mass shooting in the Aurora, Colorado movie theater occured during a midnight screening of the Batman movie, "Dark Knight Rises". The word Aurora appears in the movie in bright lights atop a building...while the mass shooting is occuring in Aurora!

Adding coincidence to coincidence, "Sandy Hook" also appears in the same movie on a map shown to be the targeted area. "Sandy Hook" are the only words you can read on the map while an investigator points to it. The Sandy Hook massacre didn't occur until five months after the movie. This was clear evidence of advance knowledge.




One more...

9/11 is another example of disaster foreknowledge by Hollywood production studio executives.

"As more of these 'strange coincidences' continue to pop up, it would take a fool not to question the motive behind it all and to question the word "coincidence".

Foreknowledge of these events suggests PRE-PLANNING. But Why???

Is it all part of an evil population pre-conditioning program? This definitely steps into Satanic and occult territory, the purpose of which is known to only a select few at the very top branches of secret societies and government.



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