MALCOLM X - Blacks Are "Useful Idiots"


Malcolm X called the American left "useful idiots". Today, Black Lives Matters IS the American left. They are pawns in the political game that has been brainstormed by the super rich, many of whom are white descendants of America's black slave owners. These filthy rich fake Jews finance politicians into power and control both the liberal and conservative, democratic and Republican parties.

This speech by Malcolm X is as true today as it was in 1965 when he was assassinated.




Blacks have been set up for today's race war. They are swept up into the violence, burning, looting and rioting without stopping to ask - "Why are white mayors and governors cooperating? Why are the filthy rich fake Jews who own Hollywood funding it?"

Has anyone stopped to ask why Hollywood has released dozens of provocative racist-themed propaganda movies showing the brutality of white people enslaving, beating, torturing, humiliating, degrading and murdering blacks like sub-human animals.

Are these movies designed to provoke and inflame black hatred that we see today in the rioting, burning and destruction of monuments and property in major US cities? Is this part of a plan to provoke a race war?

12 Years a Slave (2013) The Birth of a Nation ( 2016)

BLACKkKLANSMAN (2018) The Rosa Parks Story (US, 2002)

Green Book (2018) Amistad (1997) The Butler (2013)

I Am Not Your Negro (2016) Sins of the Father (US, 2002)





The support of Black Lives Matter by mayors, governors and white filthy rich fake Jews makes no sense until you realize that the looting and burning of valuable city property degrades the property values so that it can be bought up dirt cheap by guess who? The sponsors.

What about the massive fires that destroy millions of acres of land and homes? Are these fires started by natural causes? Of course not. This is another way of depreciating land values so the property can be bought dirt cheap by the filthy rich.




Anyone can be bought for the right price...including George Floyd and Jacob Blake.

The dramatically staged knee-on-the-neck and 7-bullets-in-the-back events were designed to provoke massive race wars, rioting, chaos and destruction.

The ultimate goal of the engineers of the Covid PLANDEMIC and RACE RIOTS is revolution, rioting, a stock market crash, and pandemonium.

The planned solution to the engineered chaos we are experiencing with the help of BLM is a New World Order which some sites call a Jew World Order. The price for order-out-of-chaos is 1. a mandatory human DNA-altering vaccine 2. a global digital currency 3. martial law under a socialist system of government.


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