TRUMP: America's Last President


What happens whenTrump & Biden both win?

The fuse has been lit. Notice how the fake news media is gradually releasing poll results that show Biden and Trump heading for a virtual tie by election day. The explosion is coming.

In case you don't know, your vote doesn't count. Presidents are SELECTED not ELECTED and the 'divisive' two party system is nothing but theater. Off stage, there is really only one party and it's owned and controlled by special interest groups (Oligarchs with Jewish surnames) who also own and control the mass media as well as social media (Q-anon)...and just about everything else.


The results are predictable. Donald Trump will declare and celebrate a Presidential victory on November 3rd and 4th when he wins a majority of votes at the polling stations.


Joe Biden will declare a Presidential victory on November 5th when the mail-in votes are counted and the fake news media reveals that Biden has won the election and is America's new President.


Hillary Clinton had ADVANCE knowledge that the election would be a Presidential stalemate. Watch her warn Joe Biden "not to concede under any circumstances" and "not to give an inch".

Millions of Trump-loving, socialism-hating Republicans will NEVER accept Biden as their President.

Millions of Trump-hating democrats will NEVER accept Trump as their President.





When Trump's press secretary was asked - "if Trump loses the election, will he leave willingly?" She answers - Trump will only lose if the election is "rigged".

TRANSLATION: If Trump loses to Biden, he will claim the election was rigged which means he will NEVER lose and NEVER leave willingly.

Can anyone imagine President Biden ordering the removal of Trump from the White House with armed guards? That's NOT going to happen without starting a second revolutionary war.

What happens to a ship without a captain?



Did you see the movie 'V for Vendetta'? This 2005 movie was about a global pandemic and fear-based TV propaganda forcing the suspension of people's freedom and justifying it with "public safety" and "security" as the excuse. Sound familiar?

There is overwhelming evidence that Hollywood and the ruling Oligarchs have programmed predictive clues about future events into certain movies. 'V for Vendetta' is one of those movies. It tells viewers to "Remember November 5th!"

November the 5th is 2 days after the US election when the news media will declare Joe Biden the official winner. Any attempt to remove Donald Trump from the White House will trigger a (planned) second American revolution.

Watch this video warning scene from 'V for Vendetta'. It looks like Washington's Capitol Building and America's Statue of Freedom are blown to smithereens.






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