Donald & Melania: The "We've got Covid" Hoax



Anyone who hasn't learned by now that politicians and the news media tell lies and stage hoaxes needs to swallow a bottle of Prevagen and give their head a shake.

How did Donald Trump contract the virus? According to the news media, he got it from Hope Hicks. Everyone knows that the best way to catch the Covid virus, herpes, VD or the common cold is through intimate contact with someone who has it.


Who is Hope Hicks and how did she pass the virus on to Donald?

In January 2015, Donald Trump summoned the ravishingly beautiful, 26 year old model, Hope Hicks, to his office and, as she tells it, "Mr. Trump looked at me and said, 'I'm thinking about running for president, and you're going to be my press secretary.'"[24] Until that time, Hope had no experience, never worked in politics or volunteered on a campaign [28] but...she was Donald's type. A tall, young, gorgeous brunette and ex-model.

In February 2020, Hicks worked as a counselor with President Trump [1]. On October 1, 2020, the fake news media announced that Hicks had tested positive for Covid-19 [10][51]. Because of her recent travels (and whatever) with Donald, Donald was tested and the media announced that he tested positive.



The chances that Donald could pass any virus on to Melania are slim at best. Their relationship is stricly contractual and completely absent of intimacy. They occupy entirely separate bedrooms on an entirely different floor of the White House.

Melania is simply meeting her contractual public duties as First Lady.



With the cooperation of Melania and Hope Hicks, the "We've got Covid" lie is a strategic election hoax staged by the Trump administration to win votes, sympathy and the upcoming election.

In the weeks ahead, Donald Trump will predictably prove to the world how strong, resilient and victorious he is with his miraculously quick and easy recovery.

Trump at 74 is in one of the most vulnerable categories but he will demonstrate that the Covid-19 virus is no more deadly than the flu or common cold and that Hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil) together with Zinc really works.





Donald Trump's condition is reported to be worsening over the next two weeks and he is placed in critical care at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. The news attracts public sympathy and prayers from the voting public.

Trump agrees to be injected with one of the (allegedly) most promising experimental pharmaceutical vaccines, recovers and wins the support of the voting public and so does the vaccine!


Donald Trump reportedly dies, is memorialized as a hero and Mike Pence is elected President.


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