The Invisible Alien Invasion


Susan Schneider of the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton says that "aliens are supercomputers" and that our culture is being anthropomorphized. She believes that most advanced alien civilizations are NOT biological. They are post-biological forms of artificial intelligence - which is the fate of our human civilization.

“There’s currently an AI revolution, and we see artificial intelligence getting smarter and smarter by the day,” says Schneider. Our dependence on AI and digital technology is worldwide. Our cell-phones and laptops have become as indispensable to us as the limbs on our body. Soon, there will be no distinction between online and offline as we continue to transfer power and control over our everyday tasks to AI.


Uploading gives Alien AI entities immortality, says Schneider. It enables them to reboot and survive under conditions which carbon-based life forms can't. Silicon is a more superior medium for processing information than the human brain since our neurons peak at a speed of 200 Hz. That's seven times slower than current microprocessors.


Our children may be the last human species generation as we know it. They are growing up in virtual classrooms, distancing from other human beings, masking their faces of emotion and spending most of their waking hours watching and communicating with digital screens and virtual assistants like Alexa, Siri and Chatbot. Zoom, Skype, FB, Twitter, Youtube, Google, Wifi, GPS. We can no longer live without AI.

Few people are aware that Big Pharma companies like Moderna are developing a human DNA-altering vaccine that will inject AI (artificial) genes into humans. Transhumanism is only a vaccine away.


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