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Songbird (2021) is Hollywood's new thriller movie starring Demi Moore that is set two years into the future during a pandemic lockdown - exactly like ours. The movie tells us straight up what the globalists are going do to us. The story follows the budding romance between a motorbike courier named Nico, who has rare immunity to Covid, and Sara, a young artist.

Watch the Official Movie Trailer, then read the comments below.



It takes years to make a motion picture and get it into theaters - yet the producers claim it was made in less than one year during the 2020 lockdown. They want us to believe they wrote, financed, hired the cast, a production crew, found locations, filmed, edited, scored, advertised and released the movie that fast? What???

Covid wasn't even taken seriously until Febuary 2020. This movie was obviously made with advance knowledge of the Covid pandemic which was clearly NOT a pandemic but a Plannedemic.

The Songbird movie is not a movie. It's a documentary showing us our future (as planned) and looking back at what is unfolding and what will unfold. It is predictive programming and the message is clear: "OBEY US OR ELSE!"

Why did they call this movie Songbird? Because that's what they used to call prisoners - Songbirds and Jailbirds. In the minds of the Plandemic planners - that's our fate - to become their prisoners.

When we muzzle ourselves and our children with bacteria trapping, oxygen-depriving masks and we social distance from one another, we are doing what our virtual teachers (fake media, fake science) tells us is "the right thing" to do to stay SAFE. Like dogs, we are being obedience trained. We may become so well trained that we would turn in family, friends and neighbors for disobeying.


In the near future, how will you feel when you realize you have been lied to and you cooperated with your own enslavement? How will you feel when you realize that life as you knew it is nothing but a distant memory?



This Antifa movie and trailer were financed by the same billionaire oligarchs who funded the Songbird movie and the Scamdemic itself.

Post American election CHAOS is part of their agenda. The scamdemic is their excuse for lockdowns, inflating CoV statistics and causing economy-killing debt.

Their plan is to crash the stock markets, bankrupt nations and unleash medical, social and economic suffering and chaos worldwide...with the help of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, Hollywood, Q Anon, medical quacks and political traitors.

The end game is a rescue plan to TRAP populations into complying with their Draconian terms for peace and 'order out of chaos'.




You can unplug the power wielded over you by the power-crazed oligarchs by disarming them of their weapon of fear. How?

Think of reality as different frequencies on a radio dial. Remember, it's your thoughts that determine the frequency you tune into and the reality reflected back to you. You have been tuning in to the plandemic story and the frequency of fear. Did you choose this fear-based reality or was it marketed to you?

Albert Einstein said, "Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions." Einstein understood the power of imagination and it's ability to attract future events. Nothing exists that wasn't first imagined.

The owned and controlled media monopolies are doing our imagining for us. They are shaping our future with fearful movies, images and predictions of a Covid-21, a great depression, food shortages and a new normal. It's time to tune out the fear frequency, reclaim our captured imaginations and free our collective imaginations. Let's attract the future we want, not the Orwellian future that is being engineering for us.


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