Election Stolen By Vote-Flipping Software




Hammer & Scorecard is the Dominion Voting Machine Software that flipped votes and stole the US election from Donald Trump and the GOP. Dominion was used in 30 states including all SWING STATES:

☑️Nevada, ☑️Arizona. ☑️Minnesota, ☑️Michigan, ☑️Wisconsin, ☑️Georgia, ☑️Pennsylvania.

One Michigan county clerk caught a glitch in tabulation software so they hand counted votes and found the glitch caused 6,000 votes to go to Biden + Democrats that were meant for Trump and Republicans. 47 MI counties used this software. All must check now! pic.twitter.com/21AXyJZDZi

Dominion software was created by Smartmatic which is run by Lord Mark Malloch Brown who works for George Soros.


Scorecard is an information technology application designed to change vote totals on the fly. It targets the recordings of precinct voter data upward to the state level via internet. This is the way data is transmitted. Packets of information that make up a report of voting between two candidates or a group of candidates can be defined as small, large, or whatever. But, the packets that make up that transmission via internet
can be opened, recognized, switched and changed in microseconds!

Hey CNN! Why was there "scorecard" traffic through your corp servers? Why are you scurbbing your Scorecard software fingerprints now?


Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein Are Financially Tied To Dominion Election Software (Hammer and Scorecard)

Nancy Pelosi’s Chief of Staff is a Major Executive and Senator Feinstein’s Husband is a Key Investor at Dominion Voting Systems (on her behalf).

Attorney Sidney Powell laid it all out concerning the lawsuits over Hammer and Scorecard, the so-called software “glitch” that illicitly delivered a number of key states to Joe Biden.

Powell says the software affected a number of voting systems throughout the country on Election Day and “should not have happened.” This is where a bulk of the fraud took place with Trump votes being flipped for Biden and new votes for Biden being added to the system that “did not exist” in the first place.


There is mounting evidence from many different angles that proves, pending confirmation in the courts, that the Democrat establishment is attempting a coup against President Trump by trying to thieve his rightfully earned second term.




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