Top 10 Ways To Fight Global Tyranny



Here are the top 10 ways people are dealing with the global tyranny that's in progress.

1. DENYING IT. Refusing to believe that government leaders, corporate billionaires and the so called medical experts are tyrannical oligarchs who cooperatively planned and engineered today's global scamdemic and the global coup.

2. COMPLYING. Believing the fear mongering media monoplies, following the imposed rules and waiting for Big Pharma to save us.

3. TUNING OUT. Using alcohol and drugs to numb out and not think about the human rights abuses - mandatory masking, social distancing, censorship, travel bans, closures, lockdowns and the DNA altering vaccine - coming soon.

4. DON'T CARE. We're f'd. Life's a bitch and then you die.

5. HELPLESS KNOWING. Knowing there's a global coup in progress but feeling helpless to change things. Life's short. Enjoy what's left to enjoy.

6. PROTESTING. Showing up at marches and rallies, carrying protest signs, listening to speakers and hoping to be noticed by the media and viewers.

7. EDUCATING OTHERS. Making or passing on videos and posting them on FB and social media, hoping more public awareness will change things.

8. VOTING AND PETITIONING. Believing that your vote counts and that politicians, your government and the courts are listening to your pleas.

9. REVOLUTION. Exercising your right to bear arms, organizing a people's army and fighting govenment tyranny but forgetting that the shadow government controls and finances both sides of every war and revolution. (Alex Jones vs BLM/Antifa)

10. PRAYING FOR A SAVIOR. Believing that Trump or Qanon or Alex or Jesus or the Galactic Federation of Aliens will save us from an Orwellian dystopia.



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