THE BEAST: How you've been feeding it




Ask yourself what "unwelcome" thoughts are living rent-free in your head space? Catching Covid-19? A second wave? Losing your freedom? Going broke? Mandatory vaccines? Detention centers? A global reset?

Ask yourself who is living rent-free in your head space? Trump, Rudy, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, BLM, Antifa, Qanon? These occupiers and the story they are selling have taken up residence in your cluttered mind like an infestation. They slither in through your TV, computer, tablet and cell phone "screen" doors...because you let them in. They have turned you into an addicted "news junkie" waiting for the next fix! You are a slave of Big Tech devices.

Without realizing it, you are actually ENERGIZING the unfolding global reset by listening to and reacting to the story you are being told by the toxic MSM (mainstream media) and non-MSM. All media is owned and controlled by the global reset planners. It is their WMD (weapon of mass destruction) that hypnotizes you through repetition into believing what they want you to believe (for or against) as they lead you towards the mass destruction of your freedom.


Like vampires, the global reset planners are sucking the life energy out of you, capturing your undivided attention with their WMD. They don't care if your attention is positive or negative, whether you love or hate them, whether you support or protest the vaccine, masks and lockdowns. It's your focused attention they want and feed on which makes you an unwitting accomplice in the global psyop.

How strong is your addiction? It is so strong that you can't live without opening the hypnotic "screen" doorways that allow the vampires to enter your head space, drop fear bombs and suck up your energy. Your head space is open for an estimated 200 hours a month consuming toxic drama from your computer device screens yet you only spend about 480 hours a month awake.The time you spend consuming repetitive-hypnotizing-addictive lies disguised as truth is toxic for your mind, body, and soul.




Protesters and resisters believe they are awake, not realizing they are pawns in the energy game of divide and conquer.

Notice how the MSM and NMS news media are either extremely FOR or extremely AGAINST the vaccine and masking. Notice how the population is extremely FOR or AGAINST the vaccine and masking.

What matters to the cabal is winning the ENERGY GAME. What matters to them is capturing your focused energy. They need you to keep opening the "screen" doors into your head space so they can walk right in.

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There is a war on for your mind. “You are where your attention is.” Ads, smartphones, apps, social media, the internet —we’re captive to an endless parade of attention capturing devices that have virtually turned 2020 into a B-rated horror movie. The many chaotic events – not to mention unique challenges in our own lives – have the potential to be devastating.

Our thoughts have a certain vibrational frequency and are part of the vibrating universe. The global reset planners are aware that the Law of Attraction, which is based on The Law of Vibration, means that they are attracting what they are sending out through Big Tech devices. They know that thought is the most potent vibration and that the "captured" thoughts of the population are cosmic waves of energy that penetrate all time and space. To succeed in their global reset, they must control your thoughts.

The ONLY way to defeat the NWO cabal is to disarm them of their media WMD and their addictive "screen" door devices. By starving the Beast of its energy supply, the global reset plans will fail.

Rehabbing your addiction to the toxic media and Big Tech's screen door devices is no different than rehabbing from a heroine, alcohol or other addiction. Do it “cold turkey” for one day.  Completely alienate yourself from all media. Then make it one week and continue.  

Replace everything that negatively affects your mind and body with something positive. Instead of opening your screen door devices and allowing the energy vampires to occupy your headspace, listen to a meditation, work out, take a trip to the park or the beach, walk a dog, read an inspirational book. The energy vampires that have been sucking your life energy will have nothing to feed on. Remember, what's happening right now is an energy war for control of your mind. Stop feeding the beast. www.youtube.com/watch?v=foU1qgOdtwg&t=1655s


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