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Wayne Root is a nationally syndicated talk show host. For four decades, he worked as a Las Vegas odds maker and is a legendary sports gaming expert. He understood odds and gambling better than any American media personality, host, or politician. 

"I can tell you something is very wrong with this presidential election," says Root. "It reminds me of a fixed football game. Remember the famous fixed 1978 game between the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles ...and the last second victory? Every bettor in the world knew that game was fixed. It doesn’t matter if you can prove it. We all knew it!"

"Gamblers also feel the same way about this presidential election," says Root. "This presidential election is rancid. It feels as fixed as that Giants-Eagles NFL football game."


Trump entered election night a 2 to 1 underdog. As soon as the polls started to close and the picture became clear, Trump’s odds quickly moved to even money. Then Trump became the slight favorite. Then a moderate favorite. Then a 2-to-1 favorite. Then 3 to 1. 4 to 1. 5 to 1. 6 to 1. 7 to 1. Finally, Trump moved to 8 to 1 favorite. 

What does all this mean? Bettors putting their money on the line during Election Night have always proven to be deadly accurate.

Smart bettors can clearly see what direction a race is taking. Trump was headed for an electoral landslide. But something wasn’t quite right. Fox News wouldn’t call Florida or Ohio or Texas - even though Trump was ahead by a mile.



Wayne Root sat screaming at his TV. Fox News had called Virginia for Biden at the start of the night - with Trump well ahead in Virginia. Trump would remain ahead for three long hours after Fox awarded Virginia to Biden. Why would they do that? What was the rush? It made no sense! 

Trump was ahead by a mile in Florida, Ohio and Texas, yet Fox News refused to award him the electoral votes. Something was rotten in the DC Swamp. Bettors witnessed Trump dominating and clearly winning the key states of Florida, Ohio and Texas, but he also held large leads in the entire Midwest - Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa. Trump had an electoral landslide with massive 8 to 1 odds in his favor.


And then it happened...the most bizarre call in Election Night history.

Fox News called Arizona for Biden. Why? It wasn’t even close to over. There was no reason on earth to make that call. Arizona was STILL not over 8 days later.

Why would Fox News be in such a rush to call Arizona for Biden?

At that moment, Trump’s odds crashed almost instantly from 8 to 1, back down to 2 to 1. That drop set off alarm bells. One of America's biggest bookmakers called Wayne Root ans said, “Wayne, something is wrong. I’ve never seen a drop like that, let alone a drop that fast. How can Trump go from 8 to 1, to 2 to 1. Someone knows something. We’ve got a problem.” 




It was as if it was decided in advance to give Arizona to Biden - whether he won it or not. It was as if the secret code was known to only a few billionaire gamblers.

SIX MAGIC WORDS! “Fox News awards Arizona to Biden.”

The billionaire INSIDERS were ready for that call...just like "insider traders" on the stock market who know what's going to happen before it happens. They waited until Trump was a prohibitive 8 to 1 favorite, then they knew what to do and when to do it - They bet millions on Biden at the longest odds of the night. They knew the fix was in and they made a filthy fortune. 

...AND THERE'S MORE. By awarding Virginia and Arizona to Biden way too early in the evening and by going super slow in awarding states to Trump who was leading by a mile, Fox News gave Biden the electoral lead all night. Just like the fake pollsters suppressed Trump voters months before the election with false poll showing Trump losing by a landslide, the fake “news desks” suppressed Trump votes on Election Night. They needed to cover up the fix by showing Biden leading in every pre-election poll and lead all night in electoral votes. Then when Biden suddenly ends up the winner the morning, it wouldn’t look like a fix. Right? 


From the moment the secret code was spoken, “Fox News awards Arizona to Biden”, three key battleground states - Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania with Democrat Governors - all decided to stop counting votes for the night while Trump was way ahead. Why all three, all at the same time? They all mysteriously quit counting around midnight - like it was coordinated in advance.

Right after the clock struck midnight, TV cameras and Republican poll watcher witnesses were all sent home. Right after these witnesses were gone, all of these coordinated Democrat states resumed counting. Suddenly they found all the ballots they needed to overcome Trump's big lead.  Trump was up over 300,000 votes in Michigan, up over 100,000 in Wisconsin and up almost 700,000 votes in Pennsylvania when they stopped counting. But in the wee hours of the morning without witnesses, Biden was suddenly up by 9,000 in Wisconsin and 30,000 in Michigan. How’d that happen when they said they stopped counting!

The ugly fix started with Fox News calling Arizona for Biden when Trump was ahead. Folks, they knew the results they wanted and the fix was in. The wealthy INSIDERS made millions betting on this election. They knew the exact minute to jump in. They knew exactly when a Trump landslide would turn to a Biden victory, with the help of Rupert Murdoch's fake TV network call and fake ballots. Fox knew their job was to call Arizona way too early. They knew it would trigger the vote counting to stop, the eviction of witnesses and the massive ballot fraud that followed. 

Bettors all over the world know exactly what happened. The fix was in just like NY Giants-Philadelphia Eagle fix in 1978 at the Meadowlands. 

Trump was robbed. This election was stolen and so was democracy. 


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