Boston Dynamics ROBOTS dance to "Do You Love Me?" and wish us a happy new year. See reactions below.


Wow! Our future overlords can dance...but can they brake dance?

There's no equality. Robots should have to wear masks, too!

These robots are paid crisis actors and they're off beat.

I think they dance like Zuckerberg and Fauci.

AI will one day become more intelligent, faster and stronger than humans, then they'll challenge us to a 'dance contest' and win.

Don't fool yourself. The first applications won't be twerking. It will be military with machine guns and infrared/thermo sensors. How cute is that?

They are trying to get us to accept this nonsense. Not me. I don't think it's the least bit cute when you know their agenda. In a fortnight, they'll be dancing on our dead bodies.

First the corona virus, now terminators... We're doomed.

The US military has stepped up their game. An army of these will end up killing us one day and I hope tiktokers go first!

I've been playing enough Horizon Zero Dawn to know that this is not gonna end well.

These terrible things must be stopped and dismantled before they destroy us... unless they've already taken over, in which case I welcome our new robot overlords.

This is a fine way to welcome in 2021!

Okay humans... let’s just put on our pajamas and go back to sleep.

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