Legalized Shoplifting

Guess what? 'Amazon go food stores' is going full grocery. No cashiers or checkout lines. Amazon is opening its first “Amazon Go Grocery” store in Seattle, setting the trend for surveillance shopping everywhere and signaling a new nail in our collective enslavement coffin. HOW you ask?

For non-thinking shopaholics and cell phone addicts, it's a dream come true. Just walk in the store, fill up your pockets or knapsack and leave without being arrested. No cashiers, no floor walkers, no sales clerks and no people except shoppers. All you have to do is go through a turnstile at the store entrance with your cell phone app, then put your phone away and start grabbing.

The overhead cameras SEE your every move. They know when you pick things up and put them back...and they know exactly what you leave the store with. They charge you for everything you take by scanning all your product bar codes. NOTHING HIDES FROM THE ALL SEEING EYES ABOVE YOU!

Thes stores are secretly and quietly multiplying like cancer cells: https://www.zerohedge.com/technology/mysterious-new-grocery-store-connecticut-could-be-fully-automated-amazon-supermarket


Grab and go shopping will:

1. Put a permanent end to shoplifting and a permanent start to pocketlifting by Amazon.

2. Put a permanent end to millions of retail jobs

3. Put a permanent end to your REAL money. All your savings and your money-in-the-bank will be stolen from you and replaced with NOT REAL virtual money. Your real wallet will become a virtual wallet. No more banks. No more tellers. No more withdrawals. Guess who will control your virtual money? Guess who can FREEZE your virtual bank account of digits if you don't behave? Guess who can DELETE your virtual bank account of digits for non-compliance? Your money is GONE forever.

4. Create massive unemployment in banking and retail jobs and massive dependency on government handouts.

5. Create massive government debt from handouts and bailouts of the unemployed who can't pay rent, mortgages, loans.

6. Crash the banking system when loans and debts can't be paid which will cause an economic collapse from personal and business bankrupcies followed by government bankrupcy.

WATCH THE PLANNED - GREAT RESET. "You will own nothing and you will be happy". www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hx3DhoLFO4s

Now watch yourself in this video thinking, "Wow! No more line-ups", as you follow the MINDLESS herd instead of banning convenient "no line-up"surveillance shopping.


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