Your Cell Phone: Best Friend Or Worst Enemy?


Ask yourself this:

1. Has your cell phone become impossible to live without?

It's like a best friend. It's your camera, your social life, your ticket to concerts, movies, your travel and events passport and much more.

2. If you had to choose between giving up your cell phone or your best friend, what would you choose?

3. Have you thought about where all these advances in cell phone technology are leading you?

Now that you've reached a point of dependency where you can't live without your cell phone, make no mistake about it. You no longer own it. It owns you.



Your cell phone is replacing your FOB. It can open and lock your car doors and it can even start your car.

Cell phones are also replacing the keys to your home. They can open and lock the front door.


Ever been tempted to shoplift? Well, now you can do it legally. Just walk into a Shop & Go store, take what you want and walk out. No cashiers. It feels like shoplifting...but...

You are under surveillance and every thing you leave with is coded and automatically deducted from your cell phone's digital bank account. You have given away access to your personal bank account.

Watch yourself in this video thinking, "Wow! No more line-ups", as you follow the MINDLESS herd instead of banning convenient "no line-up "surveillance shopping.


Remember the 'dine and dash' craze? Well, soon you will be able to dine and dash legally.

You just go into an Eat & Go restaurant, order from a digitally coded menu, eat what you want and leave.

Once again, you are under surveillance and every coded thing you eat is automatically deducted from your cell phone's digital bank account INCLUDING THE 20% TIP.

You have given away access to your personal bank account.



Without your cell phones digital record of your vaccination and booster shot status, you will not be able to go anywhere without a VAXPORT as rules gradually change to include both essential and non-essential services.

Your vaccination status needs constant updating with more and more needle injections, booster shots and daily pills being planned.



Guess who controls your virtual bank account of DIGITS (virtual money)? Guess who can FREEZE your virtual account of digits if you don't behave? Guess who can DELETE your DIGITS for non-compliance? Your REAL money is GONE forever.

Cell phone shopping, banking, passports will create massive unemployment in banking and retail jobs and massive dependency on government handouts and bailouts of the unemployed who can't pay rent, mortgages or bank loans.

The result? An economic collapse from personal and business bankrupcies followed by government bankrupcy.


Cell phone banking will put a permanent end to CASH and your REAL money. All your savings and money-in-the-bank will be replaced (stolen) with virtual DIGITS. There will be no more need for banks. No more tellers. No more withdrawals. No more ATM's and nobody to complain to. Your real wallet will be a virtual wallet. Bills, taxes, groceries etc. will be automatically deleted from your virtual wallet which will eventually become a chip implant.



Your government and internet provider can shut down your cell phone in a heartbeat. So can a massive 'false flag' cyberattack...not by patsy terrorists but by your own government and Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum.

Shutting down your cell phone network leaves you with ZERO ways to communicate with family and friends and ZERO access to your digital wallet. You will not even be able to open your keyless car doors or start your car...or open the keyless door of your home.



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