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diana and sophie

Prediction #4

Princess Di Didn't (die)

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Anyone who believes Princess Diana survived the car crash in the Pont d'Alma tunnel on August  31st, 1997 must be “daft”, right? Well, a majority of the British public must be “daft” because according to the polls, most Brits believe Diana is alive and in hiding.

“Perhaps there was money involved, or perhaps simply a chance to start a new life away from the press,” says Anu Chantha-Doyle, a staff writer for The London Post. “Who else but the Royal family could give Diana Spencer a private identity once again.”

When news of Diana's alleged death hit the headlines, disbelievers cried foul and gathered outside Kensington Palace with signs that read “Tell the Truth about Diana,” “Princess Di Lives” and “Where is Lady Di?”


Just six hours before her alleged death, Diana let slip to Daily Mail reporter Richard Kray that she was about to withdraw completely from public life. It's been more than a decade since her "departure" and reports that she is alive are fuelled by the fact that she had no post mortem prior to the burial that took place at Althorp. In the UK, all victims of sudden death require a post mortem by law.

There is no question that the mother of the future King Of England had become an embarrassment to the royal family by dating a Muslim playboy. Some believe that the British MI6 secret service eliminated her because they considered her a threat to the throne and the stability of the state.


Skeptics point out that it would be next to impossible for the most recognized face in the world to disappear and then resurface without being detected. What about her children, William and Harry? What chance would she have of coming back to see them without being noticed? It is inconceivable that Diana would choose to miss out on the rest of their lives…unless…she underwent dramatic facial reconstruction through plastic surgery.  Not an attractive proposition.

Even if Diana agreed to undergo invasive reconstructive facial surgery in exchange for her freedom, she would need a new identity to spend time with her sons. A nanny, perhaps? This is also an unattractive proposition for a princess who is accustomed to a pampered royal lifestyle.

What promises or conditions enticed Princess Diana to participate in a faked death scheme? A) She would remain closely and actively involved in the lives of her sons B) She would undergo only minor plastic surgery C) She would continue the royal lifestyle she was accustomed to d) She would be free of media harrassment.


Prior to Diana’s death, a woman popped up quite suddenly in royal circles with an uncanny likeness to Diana. Her name is Sophie Rhys-Jones and she is approximately the same age, weight and build as Diana. When Sophie started dating Prince Charles' youngest brother, Prince Edward, Edward had been dodging rumors about his homosexual persuasion. His engagement to Sophie helped silence those rumors.

Only one year after Diana’s faked death and plastic surgery, Sophie Rhys-Jones became engaged to Prince Edward and married him on June 19, 1999. Because of Sophie’s remarkable likeness to Princess Diana, the British and American media began dubbing her "the new Di" and yet nobody put 2 + 2 together. By marriage, Sophie is the aunt of Diana’s children, William and Harry. As such, she is seen at public and private functions with them.

Following her "Sophie look-alike surgery", Diana began sharing Sophie's identity. The "shared identity" made it possible for Diana to masquerade as Sophie both privately and publicly. She is now free to circulate in royal circles with her sons posing as their aunt without arousing suspicion and without harassment from the media. There is only one restriction. Both Sophie and Diana must coordinate their schedules so that they never appear publicly in the same place at the same time.

This article is NOT suggesting that Princess Diana and Sophie Rhyss-Jones are the same person.

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