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Cleanse Your Home, Body & Spirit


Your body, your spirit and your home are your sacred space.

Smudging is a powerful cleansing technique for removing any negativity from your sacred space. All you need is a cedar and sage smudge wand and a wafting feather.

Smudging is very effective when you are feeling stressed, depressed, angry, resentful or ill or if you sense negative energy in your home environment. The fragrant smoke releases energy that can cleanse, purify and heal.



To begin, light your smudge wand from a lit candle. When a flame appears, blow it out so your wand will smolder and smoke, not burn.

The first step is to smudge yourself. Focus on areas where you feel there are blockages or where there is physical, emotional, or psychic pain. Imagine the smoke lifting away all the negative thoughts, emotions and energies that have attached themselves to you as you smudge yourself. If you are feeling depressed, visualize the smoke carrying away all your feelings of depression.

Using the feather, gently fan the smoke onto your body, starting at the top of the body and moving downward. Bring the smoke over your head, to your heart, eyes, ears, mouth, shoulders, down your arms, around your torso to your back and legs, and last of all your feet to ensure you walk the right path. When you're done, inhale a little of the smoke to purify your insides.

While smudging yourself, repeat affirmations for your well-being. For example: "Allow the sacred smoke to cleanse my body and spirit, ridding me of all negativity and filling my heart with love and joy". Smudging yourself on a daily basis helps keep you balanced and in a peaceful state.

After smudging yourself, walk around the perimeter of the room or space, giving special attention to the corners and the places behind and around doors and windows. Use your feather to fan the smoke throughout the room. The most important times to smudge yourself and your home is when you move into a new space and at the time of a major "life-change.

If you smudge another person, an object or a place, smudge yourself first, then smudge them in the same way that you smudge yourself.

7" Feather & Smudge Wand

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